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Warrior Women With A Purpose

May 30, 2017


In this episode, I chat with motivational speaker, fitness fanatic, mom, transformation coach, and germinator of joy, Marissa Lewis. In her work as a mindset coach and in her facebook group, From Struggle to Strength Mindset, this New Zealand Māori woman shares uplifting and powerful insight about...

May 24, 2017


In this episode, I chat with master herbalist Jane Barlow. As CEO of Barlow Herbal, Jane knows a lot about wellness, failure, and success. She shares some of her entrepreneurial expertise on starting over, wildcrafting, considering the big picture, and the wonders of the earth. We also talk about how “grandma...

May 15, 2017

In this episode, I chat with Nadia Aly, underwater photographer/videographer and CEO of Scuba Diver Life and SDL Expeditions. Nadia explores under water the world over, from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the cool waters of South Africa. She shares her passion for the oceans and her determination to follow her...

May 11, 2017


In this episode, I chat with Meaghan Kennedy, piñata artist and piñata workshop facilitator. Meaghan dishes on piñata-making as an art and a business that allows her to have fun, let loose, and engage with others in meaningful conversation. In her bubbly way, Meaghan shares why and how:

  • her natural...

May 8, 2017

Kole Hansen, mental midwife for Warrior Women with a Purpose, in conversation with Dr. Lisa Whitty, CEO and co-founder of Chicks with MDs, a think tank for medical professionals and patients.

In the time of a typical therapy session, Dr. Lisa Whitty shares her truths and enlightens listeners about what it means to be...