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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Sep 29, 2017

Everyone views our relationship as the perfect one and that doesn't mean it doesn't come with real life issues. We share both sides of the story and how it expanded our relationship. 

Sep 16, 2017


You have been through so much

you contribute so much

You over work and yet know you have so much more to give.


There are obstacles in your way


past trauma,

You may even feel exhausted...

Circumstances you can't control...

We are coming to curate an integration of your body to your heart, mind and...

Sep 6, 2017

In this episode, I chat with the lovely Mary Caryl, a makeup, image, and style consultant and a woman who doesn’t believe in age holding her back from anything. Her work as competitive pole artist is proof. Mary talks about her life and journey, explains how her passions and careers have intertwined, and offers me...