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Warrior Women With A Purpose


Start Reconstructing Your Reality Through The Lens Of Warrior Women With A Purpose.

You Are Not Broken.

Trauma, stress and societal constructs have created neuropathways and habitual patterns in your physiology that may be dysfunctional. They ARE adaptable, flexible and changeable.

Each day a warrior woman will share her own unique story of how she triumphed over adversity, transformed her traumas and blazed a path for YOU to get physically, emotionally and financially free.

Im your host, Kole Whitty, I run Tahkole with my husband and I am a Bio Integration Specialist and Trauma Release Expert.

All the supplementation in the world can not over ride the subconscious thought patterns that become physical manifestations in your body. For more information or to connect deeper to our heart centered community, head to the Warrior Women With a Purpose group on Facebook. I look forward to connecting with you more intimately and am so grateful you’re here.

You are magic, like kapok every thing you want is here right now. Never forget that I love you.

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