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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Mar 13, 2019

Dr. Linda Hurley is professionally trained as a certified intuitive chakra energy healer. She is a transformational coach, and founder of Magnetic Moment, LLC. She specializes in supporting financially stable dreamers listen to their inner wisdom so they can expand the magnitude of their impact in the world and increase the magnitude of their profits. 

Linda offers a ten week and six month one-on-one online programs. She uses her unique skills to draw upon science and spirit to transform women from how they feel today to feeling incredible tomorrow so that they can show up every single day for themselves, their businesses, and the people they love. 

We chat all about:

  • Emotions are like a box of crayons. 
  • Transition into a new career. 
  • How we are like rocks
  • We are so much more than how we are feeling. 
  • Our bodies are always trying to talk to us. 
  • We are nature.

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