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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Oct 8, 2018

The Key to Your Health is Your Involvement....and It's Never Too Late!!!
  • WHY Advocacy?  
  • WHO is central to health care advocacy? You.
  • HOW to advocate for yourself.

a. Know Your Health History. Keep Records.  Take Notes.  Surgeries/Diagnoses/Symptoms and Length of Time/Medications, and What is Treated with Each One.

    b. What Are Your Health Care Rights? Preventive Care-Mammogram for Breast Cancer.  Colonoscopy for Colon Cancer.  Heart Risk Assessment for Heart Attack.  Access and Rights 
        Under the Current Health Care Law, Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act.
    c.  Do you know your rights?  VOICE THEM.  KNOW THEM.
    d. Make a Choice-Provider, Type of Care.  Collaborate with Your Doc on the Best Course of Action.  Oftentimes there are multiple options for care.  You are the head of your health care     journey.  Be heard and STAY INVOLVED!!!
5. Be PROACTIVE!  Do You Have a Choice?
    a. Who is Your Current Physician/Health Care Provider?  Do You Have a Choice?  If So, Why Did You Pick Your Doc/HCP? Family/Friend/HCP Referral?  Does Your Doc     Acknowledge/Listen/Respond Proactively to Your Comments and Concerns?  If Not, Why are you still with this Doc?
    b. Interact with Docs/HCP who advocate for your health.  Are they open to questions, concerns, alternative options to care?  Do they clarify why particular therapies are more effective     for treatment and/or cure?
6. WHY??? Always ask WHY?  
    a. Medications, Surgery, Alternative Treatment, etc....  Why are we choosing this path? If You Don't Understand, Please Ask for Clarification!  We Don't Know What You Don't Know.  If Your Provider Won't or CANNOT articulate the 'Whys', you need to consider obtaining a second opinion.  An Excellent Doc/HCP will be more than willing to discuss your health care and treatment plan. Please REMEMBER that you are your BEST ADVOCATE!
7. Know Your Resources:
a. Local Womens Groups
b. Local/State/National Politicians Who Advocate for Your Causes
c. Local/National Support Groups/Organizations that Advocate for Any Specific Illnesses that Impact Your and/or Your Family.
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Women's Health
Black Women for Wellness – Committed to Healing, Educating, and Supporting Black Women!
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National Latino Network - National Latino Network
National Indigenous Women's Resource Center
Asian Women For Health
Health Resources | Transgender Law Center
U.S. moves to protect women, transgender people in health care
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