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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Oct 14, 2018

Sandy Rocourt is a speaker and strategic transformational consultant who helps clients turn the tragedy of loss & heartbreak into the fuel needed to rebuild their lives. After going through multiple traumatic losses of her mother, sister AND father in a short 3-year span, Sandy found triumph when she discovered a library of personal development books that her now deceased sister had collected. Her journey of self-discovery led Sandy to become a graduate of the acclaimed Robbins-Madanes life coach training program and dedicate her life to empowering others to develop their own toolbox to overcome life’s storms. 

We chat about:

  • Overcoming tragic events and becoming a champion
  • Getting closer to her sister even after she passed
  • How writing became my healing mechanism
  • Becoming Self-Aware
  • Inner Strength- discovering her ability to recover from a series of tragic events
  • Gratitude Journaling