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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Oct 29, 2018

Marian Buck-Murray is a Certified EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner who specializes in helping sensitive, heart-centered, creative people boost courage, confidence and self-love.

She is the creator of the 3-Step Tame Your Inner Critic with EFT method, and The Sensitivity is Your Superpower Program. With an emphasis on holistic methods, Marian successfully overcame decades of autoimmune illness, cardiac surgery, traumatic stress, and limiting self-doubt.

Inspired by her transformative experience she was guided to assist others in their own transformations. A sensitive empath herself, Marian has learned how to manage and embrace her sensitivity, and turn it into her own superpower. She is passionate about sharing her tool-box of self-help techniques with clients and students who struggle with sensitivity.

In addition to her EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting practice, Marian is a speaker,author, and faculty member at the Academy of Healing Nutrition. She has a private Practice in Maplewood NJ.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The metaphors within her illnesses -- how illness each gave her the exact information needed to heal from trauma of losing her sister to suicide
  • Why love and acceptance are key for true healing
  • How opening her heart allowed her to become a healer
  • Why she believes illness is a path for spiritual growth
  • How she uses her own work to help others work with their own body/mind/spirit metaphors