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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Oct 31, 2018

Sitinee Sheffert is a social entrepreneur, blogger and speaker with a passion for empowering kids to make a difference. She is the founder of Giving Artfully, a platform to connect crafters with volunteer opportunities, and Giving Artfully Kids, a program that inspire and engages kids to spread kindness through crafting-based service projects. More than 500 students have participated in her programs, donating over 3000 items to communities and charities worldwide. Sitinee has been a featured TEDx speaker and has also spoken at several other conferences and parent education workshops. She has been a guest blogger for Scary Mommy, Thrive Global and YFS Magazine and featured in Forbes.

In this episode we talk about:

Her 15 month adventure with her family where they will be living in 3 cities with their 5 kids & furry friend to figure out out where we want to settle down.

Through this adventure so far, she has learned these 5 lessons about living the life that I want to lead

1) Be intentional about her time and her roles (with my job, focus on action items that will be revenue generating vs easy to do)

2) Living a simpler life (the sold most of what they owned, and packed up 2 SUVs for the next 15 months. 

3) Being present (mom, focus on the kids, when working, full focus on working)

4) Planning ahead is key, but also having flexibility

5) Life as a social entrepreneur - Having a business that is making an impact by engaging and inspiring kids to help others and spread kindness.