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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Nov 26, 2018

International Retreat Leader, LifeSTYLE Design Coach, and Founder of Sweet Spot Style, Desha Peacock works with creative entrepreneurial women to upgrade their lifeSTYLE and live fully in their sweet spot. She is also the author of Create the Style You Crave and Your Creative Work Space. Peacock holds a master’s degree from The School for International Training, is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator, and has led workshops and retreats across the globe. She’s been featured in Origins Magazine, Design Sponge, Flea Market Décor Magazine, The Jungalow, Where Women Create Magazine, ABC.News, The Huffington Post, The Houston Chronicle,, Career Rookie, US News Money and has made radio and TV appearances across the nation. Find her at or on Instagram @deshapeacock.

In this episode we chat it up about:

1. As a virtual entrepreneur, the message is to go NICHE. Be an expert. FOCUS. As someone with many passions it was a big struggle to figure out what I wanted to do and then figure out how to hold onto my many passions when everyone is telling us to choose.

2. Part of the way I held on to my personality (and my many passions) was to create an Umbrella Brand. I can talk about what that is and how creating one can help other multi passionate folks create a brand message that others will understand.

3. The biggest challenge with multi-passionate people is it's hard to hold our attention and compete tasks. I can share a few tips on how other multi passionate/ADD entrepreneurs can manage more than one thing and take the things we most value to completion through a few tools- brain dumping and macro/micro task managing. 4. How to choose what to focus on when you have multiple streams of income.

5. How to settle the mind, body and spirit when anxiety creeps in (my made up 3-part meditation!)

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