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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Mar 6, 2019

Joanna Foster is trained in energy medicine and every day holds that space of love and joy for other women to connect to the energy of their unborn babies. She is dedicated to creating the most precious earth for our most precious bodies. Bodies that need to come through other bodies.

We talk all about:

  • How stress, including childhood trauma, can cause physical symptoms that impede fertility
  • Society easily dismisses miscarriages as not a real pregnancy, and therefor that you were not ever a mother
  • Focusing on the lack of baby creates more lack of baby
  • It is vital to focus for at least a few minutes a day on one thing that brings you ultimate joy. This could be yoga, making art/music, writing, performing, working out, being listened to and heard, etc. Let me explain why this relates to fertility: when you are in a high frequency state this permeates to all areas of your life

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