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Warrior Women With A Purpose

May 18, 2018

In this episode Clarissa and I discuss the healing power of style.

How after the suicide of her dad and the death or her third son two weeks later pushed her to decide to stop dressing the way she felt {in her words, like an emotional pigsty}, and started dressing the way she wanted to feel.

• Personal style – How a female entrepreneur can use the power of style to strengthen the message of her brand. How she can curate a wardrobe that makes her feel beautiful, strong, powerful, fun, fierce… and propel her business by feeling like the expert/leader/genius she’s worked so hard to become. 
• Redefining beauty – How women have been hurt by society's picture-perfect, skinny-pretty ideals which have created a belief that is astonishingly untrue. How many of us have been robbed of our health, happiness, purpose, and success because of it. And how women leaders have a responsibility to redefine beauty in a way that is unique, kind, and empowering, rather than negative, manipulative, and destructive. 
• Why “dressing your shape” sucks – Practically every stylist in the world believes that the first step to great style is to know your shape, and then dress it accordingly. Well, I think that’s BS. I think that style should be creative, expressive, smart, and fun. NOT – what can I wear to look 5kg lighter and 136” taller. 
• Being a stylish mama – How becoming a mum to four babies not just only changed the shape of my body, but also the priority I placed on caring for myself – slowly chipping away at my self-worth. How everything changed when I made the choice to invest in my wardrobe and make self-care a priority. And how we can all learn to embrace our body and dress in a way that helps themselves feel comfortable, confident and in control. 

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