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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Jun 25, 2018

Nichole Stohler is co-founder and managing partner at Gateway Private Equity Group, a real estate investment firm whose portfolio has included a hotel, multifamily, and residential properties. Between apartment complexes, houses, and their hotel, Nichole and her husband Mike, have owned or operated over 1300 units.

We talk about:

  • Creating your own pay parity: You don’t need to rely on your employer, your family, or your partner to ensure a richer financial future
  • Think you are too busy to think about this? Do you listen to podcasts? Read blogs? Go to networking events and conferences? Why? If you're doing anything of these things -- you must be wanting to invest in yourself
  • Don't have to wait until you are 65 to make income from your investments. You can invest in assets that generate income -- now.