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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Jul 31, 2018

The 5 Investments 

  1. Time. The first thing you must invest is time.
  2. Effort. You must put in effort even if that effort is to rest, it is still effort. 
  3. Nutrition/Hydration/Oxygenation. 
    1. Movement. Movement triggers the body to change its structure to adapt to function under stress or to environment. Without getting into the known benefits of exercise it does wonders to shift depressive states of visceral experiences like loss. 
    2. Rest. Learning how rest works in tandem with movement is crucial.  
  4. Movement and Rest.
  5. Guidance. Guidance in the form of perspective Guidance doesn’t not mean that someone has more authority over you, it means that they can guide you in regards to their experience. If application of their experience to yours helps, then by all means take it on and apply what parts work for you.