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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Aug 20, 2018

Yana Jacobs, LMFT is currently Chief Program Officer with the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care, a Non-Profit community foundation with a mission to bring alternatives into the mainstream public and private sectors. She began her work at Soteria House as a staff member in the mid 70s, mentored by Loren Mosher, MD. Soteria House became her foundation as she moved into other areas of employment within the mental health world. Yana spent over 30 years working both in private practice as a therapist and in the public sector at Santa Cruz County Mental Health in California. She first worked with their crisis team and later became the Chief of Adult Outpatient/Recovery services. As an ally to people with lived experience she implemented a Peer-Run Respite House, funded by a federally funded SAMHSA Transformation Grant. Yana believes we must work both as an activist on the outside and with our allies on the inside if we are going to bring about real change. She teaches about “Being With” people who are in extreme states, based on her work and life experience at Soteria House

In This Episode we talk about:

  • Awareness about the long term effects of being on psychiatric medications
  • The myth around any scientific evidence that provides a basis for todays treatment models in the public mental health sector
  • Kole shares about her own mental health challenges
  • Some examples of what people say actually helped them through their crisis
  • The work we are doing at the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care

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