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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Aug 22, 2018

Kirsten Roberts

  • Hear how I have gone from 5 miscarriages, endometriosis, cysts and IVF to pain free periods and a natural menstrual flow and life flow
  • Learn how to hold your womb pain up into the light in order to forgive, heal and grow
  • Experience how honoring the womb strengthens your intuition and builds deep knowing and trust
  • Unlock the voice of your conscious calling through healing your womb to connect to a deep ancestral energy
  • Always use the energy from your womb space to guide your directions

From a career business strategist with a double masters degree in business and marketing to an intuitive soul midwife. Kirsten helps you re-birth the real you from before you knew so you so you can rise to your conscious calling. Kirsten's the unique mix of soul junkie and biz strategist extraordinaire who helps you create the most profound business from your soul

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