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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Sep 17, 2018

Christina Dennis is the founder of "Size: Happy" and the creator of the Size: Happy Guidebook, the 5 Day Fresh Start detox guide, 17 Days To Radical Self Love and the soon to be launched Size: Happy Podcast. She's a weight loss, self-love and binge and emotional eating specialist who, since 2011, has helped women from all over the world end their battle with food, learn to fully love and embrace their body and commit to putting themselves first. Originally a personal trainer and fitness coach, Christina is passionate about helping women transform their destructive eating habits that prevent them from losing weight so that they experience freedom from food rules and diets, massive self-love, vibrant health, confidence & bliss.

  • Removing her breast implants
  • her experience with breast implant illness
  • confidence
  • what it means to be Size: Happy

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