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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Apr 22, 2018

We chat about her struggle with eating disorders and how her path inspired hundreds of thousands on IG

Her next book releases in May and is ALREADY a number seller on Amazon!

Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss will set you up with the tools you need in order to stop dieting once and for all. By reading this book you will become a meal prep master who saves time, money, and sees incredible results to your body. You will learn how to stop emotional eating, what to do if you're traveling, and foods that you can find anywhere to keep you healthy.

 Take back your power in your life and be confident on what to eat.

  1. Broken into three easy parts:
  2. Learn the life-changing, health-altering meal-prep system
  3. Discover “super meals” that infuse ultra-nutrition into every bite
  4. Utilize Sharp's 28-day guide to meal prepping your weekly breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with ease