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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Jul 5, 2017


In this episode, I chat with former Miss Singapore, personal branding expert, and founder of Soul Rich Woman, Genecia Alluora. Genecia shares her incredible journey of rebounding from six-figure debt and crippling depression to rebuilding her life, career, and self-confidence then helping other women to do the same via her business, Soul Rich Woman. It’s a 1 ½-year-old mastermind community leveraging technology that helps women fast track their business success and live a life of financial independence and emotional freedom.

While you might catch her live via webinars and Periscope sharing about success via community through Soul Rich Woman, we caught up with Genecia and also chatted about the ins and out of personal branding via her book, You are Possible!, alongside some contemplative moments about loving yourself, healing from trauma, and using self-doubt to your advantage.

Today, Genecia opens up about:

  • bridging generational gaps,
  • resisting traditional roles and societal expectations,
  • the expansive definition of personal branding,
  • livestreaming both for personal branding and as a sales generator, and
  • aiding your success with other people’s knowledge and experiences.



On her purpose:

The whole purpose is to help [women] not to go through as hard a life as I have gone through. I’ve had to support myself in school since I was fourteen years old and I’ve worked almost all my life. To me, that was tough. And going through six-figure debt as well, this was tough as well.


We want to basically be creating a supportive environment to help get things done much faster through other people’s help.



On discomfort/fear:


I keep channeling this worry into something more positive by envisioning success with the mentoring by James [Wee].


I think self-doubt is part of the equation of life. How do we have courage? Courage comes from taking action on the doubts that you have and being committed to it, to overcome it. That is courage. So that’s the equation, action plus doubt plus commitment gives you courage.


On failure:

For me, it was to really tell the truth with compassion, really recognizing you are really in the valley of the shadow of death, you’re just literally down there, it’s nowhere for you to climb up. That’s the worse that could happen. What else could happen? The only way is up.


The only failure is the failure to participate.


On resources:

No matter where you are literally, you can generate your passive income, you can build your own audience, you can communicate with people. So livestreaming is awesome…You can reach out to audiences far and wide.


[The book] You Are Possible! is all about sharing with women- how do you build your own brand through your own what we call memorable hooks, how do you find your own message, how do you communicate with your audience, don’t be known for everything, be known for one thing only.


On taking ownership:

As a leader, you need to show up and you need to lead by example.


On work ethic:

You don’t want to be the person who regrets not doing enough for herself when you get older.


Hustle while you’re still young.


On intentions:

I’ve been doing a lot of personal development work – forgiving, loving myself, develop gratitude, keep working…through all these self-love issues. It’s just a journey that we all have to go through.


On growth:

I kind of had all these skill sets but, in this technological world, you need to have the ecommerce skills, the social media skills. I told myself, you should put aside this negativity and overcome them by learning new things because a woman without growth is dead. If you’re not growing, you’re dead. 


On support:

When you are really in a depressed and hopeless place, ask for help.  Only when you ask, that’s when people know what’s happening in your life and that’s when people can help you. Striking out of that place is scary.


My personal belief that each one of us has valuable skills and talents to share to the world. Even if we don’t recognize that value in ourselves, other people can help us to get to know that aspect of ourselves. If you have a supportive network that can help you to do that for you, things will be much easier to leverage.


On being an entrepreneur:


I think, first of all, you must have the passion to do what you want to do. There’s also having a lot of clarity. You need have a lot of clarity in the work that you want to do. Clarity leads to power. You need to be able to tell yourself: 6% people, 94% system so you can leverage on your time and you’re not selling away your time.

Don’t dwell because the longer you dwell, the harder it will be for you to take action. So I got myself educated, I made mistakes, I learned, and repeated.



On the craziest thing she’s ever done:

The craziest thing I’ve ever done is to live overseas with a limited amount of money. Many years ago, I went to Taiwan for a year, I lived there for a year, I traveled around Taiwan and I almost didn’t want to come back to Singapore.


The other crazy thing that I’ve done is that I am an entrepreneur. None of my family members are entrepreneurs. In my family tree, I have not seen any entrepreneurs, really.


On family:

Family is awesome. I managed to reconcile with them at a deeper level and love them at a deeper level just only a few years ago.



Keep in touch with Genecia:

Websites – a mastermind community for women entrepreneurs.


Genecia’s book You Are Possible! – personal branding strategies.


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