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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Jul 19, 2017


In this episode, I chat with Jodi Mossop, founder of Barnacle Babes, an interactive community of “salted warriors” with a passion for sea-related sports, a vision for our oceans future, and a desire to create real connections and change. Barnacle Babes hosts a magazine, a website, and Warrior Women of the Sea Conferences that aim to bring together water women who are digging deeper into themselves and want to live life bigger.

Jodi reminds us that purpose delayed is not purpose denied. After raising three active boys, she’s excited about approaching fifty, becoming a grandmother, and learning to kiteboard along with other water sports all while growing her multi-faceted business.

Today, Jodi chats about:

  • her vision for Barnacle Babes,
  • water sports, ocean conservation efforts, and the being in the midst of it all,
  • how our bodies can be like angry teenagers, and
  • what it means to be a feminine warrior.



On her purpose:

I have a business called Barnacle Babe Productions [that] started off with a web series and a magazine. It focuses on amazing, kick-ass, strong women who are passionate about the ocean.

What we [do] is not only give you some tools and help you find the different places that you can go, get involved, contribute, and give back but find out where your passion is, find out where your tools are, and where you can contribute the most, then figure out where to go from there.


On discomfort/fear:

I stop and I meditate. When those doubts and those fears creep in, it’s just stopping, and handing them over, and then asking for some reassurance and some energy and some wisdom. Then moving forward.

Being in uncertainty for a woman is a lot more scary than it is, possibly, for a man. I think women need to know and have examples of how other women have gotten through that because there aren’t enough out there right now.


On intentions:

The masculine energy is about them having control and them wanting to power and them forcing stuff and being physical about it whereas women, if they’re angered and they’re pissed off, and they want to make a change, they’re gonna blow the shit up.

The thing that’s great about women, and this is really what I want to focus on, is after we blow it up, let’s recreate. Women are creators.

Women can be very catty. But if we clear that out and remove that, women are the most supportive and, as we talked about earlier, powerful. Coming together just amplifies that power in such a great way. I get jazzed off it. It’s my favorite thing. It’s why I do what I do.


On growth:

We’ve abused our bodies for an extended period of time. And the longer you’ve abused it, the better you get at telling it to shut up.

I think that as soon as you become aware that you need more and you don’t go after that, that’s when you start dying. And I think it’s part of the healthy living and healthy aging, especially in your second half, is it’s all about finding this passion and then incorporating all of the rest of your life along with it.


On life in the water:

This is a natural element for me. This is where I absolutely feel totally at ease.


On taking ownership:

I had three children by the time I was 21 which was absolutely wonderful. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world. But it took me away from that passion…I really concentrated on being a mother and just doing the best job that I can.

It’s been said so very many times that probably one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to look within and find yourself and make those changes. And that’s probably one of the best things you can do for the planet.

If a bone or a muscle hurts, is it old age or I may need to look at what I’m eating, at my diet.


On support:

Self-doubt’s been coming lots lately. [I’m] a very positive, outgoing, uplifting person, but I have my anxiety and I have my self-doubt. I have an amazing group of women that support me and love on me. So, when I get into those moments, I reach out to them and we figure it out.


On being a parent/ an entrepreneur:

If I were to offer advice to anybody, it’s just do it.

Do what you need to do. Hang tight. It’s going to get better.

One of the things being a young mom and having three crazy energetic boys gave to me – and it’s helped me in this time right now – is being very, very adventurous.

If you’re having anxiety and you’re uncertain and thinking, this is crazy. How I am I ever going to get through this? Just stop, take a look at what you have, enjoy it, be in the moment, and appreciate it for exactly what it is. And then know that life is always changing and there’s always opportunity. And there will always be opportunities.


On negativity:

There are still going to be ups and downs but you can enjoy those ups and downs because you’re doing what you love doing.


On her perfect day:

There could be many. But I would say my absolute perfect day would be sailing into the horizon as the sun is just setting. And listening to some beautiful, light jazz with my husband and his arm around me…just being on the ocean and with the love of my life, that would be my perfect day.


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