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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Aug 31, 2017


In this episode, I chat with an incredible spiritual guide and a beautiful person, Liana Naima. Born and raised in New Orleans, Liana Naima is a survivor. She shares some of her story and how she’s naturally helped people along the way, including during her work as an educator and her transition to light worker and facilitator of voice alchemy. In our conversation, we contemplate power- the power of language, the power of voice, and her self-proclaimed super power. And we contemplate emotions – defining and redefining emotions to align with our energy. She’s enlightening, inspiring, and informative, just what you’d expect from an educator and spirit guide.

Today, Liana Naima talks about:

  • the cycles of the healing process,
  • how boring we would be if we could only feel one thing at a time,
  • releasing anger without releasing responsibility, and
  • where she doles out free advice.



On her purpose:

I consider myself to be a young spiritual guide and light worker. I live deeply within my truth. And a lot of my work is focused on guiding people to their authenticity, healing inner child wounds, and unlocking the power of the voice.

I consider my higher self to be the wise, grandma version of me that knows everything related to my higher purpose on this earth. My purpose is always to hold space for the healing process to occur. I actually don’t consider myself a healer since it is always up to the person if they decide to do healing themselves.

My purpose is to guide people home to their higher self.


On her work:

I’m a multi-faceted, spiritual, creative entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m a certified Reiki practitioner that works with breath work and sound healing in my practice. I lead monthly healing events for women and, in September (2017), I’m launching a spiritual book club for women in Brooklyn called The Awakening Book Club.

Many women were silenced during various times in their lives, and I love to hold space for women to unlock the gift within their voice and to show them how to use singing to manage the waves of their emotions.


On discomfort/fear:

Spiritual work for me is literally confronting myself over and over and over again until I can comfortably exist in silence and stillness with earth.

I think my proudest moment this year was being able to work with young black activists. They’re really passionate about self-care yet also really passionate about a social justice cause. I love holding space for people to really deal with discomfort around ideas of white supremacy, discomfort around gender, and really working through these labels that have been programmed in our system.


On her process:

[Reiki] really helps you upgrade and cleanse your system on an energetic level.

It’s a holistic healthcare practice. So it works with this idea of mind-body-spirit connection. Even before something becomes a thought, it’s a sensation in the body, especially an emotion. So you’re saying to yourself, I don’t feel safe because of x, y, and z. You’re feeling something in your body. So anytime you repress an emotion, it becomes an energetic block. And an energetic block leads to an unexplainable pain. So reiki helps with soothing and healing energetic blocks in your system.

Voice alchemy is singing. And I align the heart and the throat. Your heart is considered the seat of your soul. I actually teach people to sing from their heart more and it’s like a deeper tone. Singing is, of course, sound healing. You’re working with vibrations. Being that your body is 70% water, you can literally heal your entire body just with sound. _____________________________________________________________________

On taking ownership:

I think a lot of educators view leaving education as abandoning the kids…I really didn’t view it as me leaving their life, I just viewed it as me illustrating to them that you’re going to change and your passion is going to change and your vision is going to change. It’s important to surrender and let go and allow yourself to transform into something that’s bigger than you.


On intentions:

Your higher self is the highest vibrational version of you.

Language really does create a wall within your brain. And if you’re super-closeminded…you’re limiting your own perspective and not allowing yourself to shapeshift out of a feeling or shapeshift out of an understanding of something.

One of my first intentions actually with spirituality was to heal my relationship with white people. I knew because of Hurricane Katrina happening when I was 16, that there was a lot of resentment and hatred in the background noise of my story. And I knew it was creating walls within my own experiences…Of course there is institutional oppression and injustices but there came a point in my experience where I knew I had to let it go because it was preventing me from fully living my life.


On emotions:

Being that we are women, we’re connected with Earth’s frequency, we’re connected with alignment with the moon, so we’re constantly going to be in this sort of fluctuation with our emotions.

Emotions are just so very fluid and working with language has been very powerful for me to having a healthier relationship with my emotions and also having a healthier relationship with societal programming.


On growth:

Pay attention to your dreams…When I’m feeling disconnected, I actually call on my loving ancestors and my spirit guides to work on me while I sleep. I want to encourage people to get into dream work and you can do that just by setting an intention before you go to sleep for your dreams to provide you with clarity and insight.

Observe your thoughts. Observe your emotions. Really sink into your consciousness and observe what is happening around you. Don’t feel a need to respond to people all the time. Observe the waves of your emotions. Observe how you think. Observe the moment in which you feel still and at peace. Create rituals that help you feel at peace. 



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Links Mentioned

Reiki – a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Administered by laying on hands, it is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture – a research unit of The New York Public Library system that focuses on African-American, African Diaspora, and African experiences.