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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Sep 16, 2017


You have been through so much

you contribute so much

You over work and yet know you have so much more to give.


There are obstacles in your way


past trauma,

You may even feel exhausted...

Circumstances you can't control...

We are coming to curate an integration of your body to your heart, mind and spirit.

"Kole, this sounds like that hippy stuff."

That's fine, hear me out.

Our body's are like a Rolodex, the store our emotions and when they hold onto stress, we get sick.

Ever had a day where you thought

"Man, I'd do anything to not have to work this week"



You get sick...or worse hurt.

Maybe a car accident or other tragic event?

The body hears you.

All the therapy in the world will only shift your mind...

All the spirituality and religion in the world will only shift your spirit...

Gratitude and love will heal your heart...

We are coming to curate the translation of your body's language so that YOU can contribute on higher levels to your family, your community and most importantly...


Let's Get Free.


Waking The Tiger - Peter Levine with Ann Frederick