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Warrior Women With A Purpose

May 30, 2017


In this episode, I chat with motivational speaker, fitness fanatic, mom, transformation coach, and germinator of joy, Marissa Lewis. In her work as a mindset coach and in her facebook group, From Struggle to Strength Mindset, this New Zealand Māori woman shares uplifting and powerful insight about consciousness, raising your vibration, and investing in yourself. While our discussion centered on personal transformation, we talked a lot about support in its various manifestations and even how to protect your energy while giving so much of yourself in service to others.  

Today, Marissa shares her take on:

  • conscious evolution,
  • possibility over fear,
  • navigating blindspots,
  • collaboration over competition,
  • and what I think is an unintentional reference to an En Vogue song.


On her purpose:

I share techniques, tools, and methods that I use in order to self-heal.

I found approaches that I aligned with and that vibrated with what I really felt inspired and motivated by.


On discomfort/fear:

Start before you’re ready. Fear is designed to keep us safe. It’s never going to go away. Just know that when you feel those feelings, maybe there’s something magical on the other side of that.


On failure:

Every failure you have is a success because at least you’re trying.


On work ethic:

It takes so much commitment. You can do baby steps. It’s not a race.

I can honestly say it’s been a daily commitment. It’s really making a decision and a choice as soon as I open my eyes.


On difficult conversations:

When I start to notice somebody, it’s having those courageous and honest conversations, and it’s sitting down with them and communicating. Communication is key in any type of relationship, whether it’s coaching or not.


On intentions:

It’s about human connection. It’s trusting that when you’re vibrating high…that’s what you attract. Because what you vibrate, you emit.

The reality is that if we have the capability to set our mindset to a place where it’s like, “this is possible, anything is possible.” And then from there, the steps that you take is never giving up and freeing your mind that the rest will follow.


On perceptions:

I personally believe right now, in this time that we’re living and walking this earth, we are in a conscious evolution and revolution. It is a time where vibrationally we as humans have the opportunity to see this gateway to evolve to new heights of consciousness.


On being an entrepreneur:

When you actually can raise your vibration, do more of what you love, live into your highest values every single day, you emit that, and that is exactly what will come back to you. People will feel you. They will want to be a part of what you’re creating in terms of a movement and that’s where the fee will follow.


On investing in yourself/business:

You really have to look at what you’re worth and be prepared to let go of some money before you even have it.


On negativity:

We spend so much time heaping self-loathing on ourselves, judging ourselves, and just really not allowing ourselves to even dream or think that we’re capable of bringing our dreams to fruition because we are our own worst enemies.


On support:

Our environment is a powerful indication of who we become. They say you are the sum of the five people who you spend most of your time with, so there’s a massive clue.

You can’t do this alone. Or you can try and do it alone, but you’ll probably only get so far.

We all have blind spots. We really need someone there for that accountability and to help us see those blind spots.

Sometimes we need one on one coaching, absolutely. And sometimes we need a collective group of people who have the same drive and ambition as us, absolutely. It’s the typical saying, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Don’t take advice from somebody who hasn’t done it before. Take advice from someone who has.


On growth:

I cry a lot. I release energy a lot through tears.

It’s great when you hear something about yourself and you take that responsibility to hear that feedback for what it is.

I’m happy to welcome people into my network if they are aligned with what we’re doing here which is helping raise consciousness.



Keep in touch with Marissa Lewis:


From Struggle to Strength Mindset – free Facebook group

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Facebook, LinkedIn @MarissaLewis

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