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Warrior Women With A Purpose

May 24, 2017


In this episode, I chat with master herbalist Jane Barlow. As CEO of Barlow Herbal, Jane knows a lot about wellness, failure, and success. She shares some of her entrepreneurial expertise on starting over, wildcrafting, considering the big picture, and the wonders of the earth. We also talk about how “grandma Jane bars” went from her home to the marketplace and share their real name so you can get some, too. Among other nuggets of wisdom, Jane counsels on:

  • jumping in before you feel like you’re ready,
  • protecting your big, serving heart,
  • the difference between ego and the desire to serve,


  • chasing money vs. following intuition, and


  • the supernatural power of lomatium.



On her purpose:

I own an herbal company that was started by my dad 42 years ago. In a literal sense, I get to help heal the world. It’s so amazing.


On discomfort/fear:

I think we get the opposite of ego where we get kind of humble and we think well, who am I to come out with something? You kind of have to get over that…You have to do what you’re afraid of. You have to lean into it.

The moment’s never going to be perfect…You have to jump into the fear.


On failure:

I built a health club with one of my sisters. You could say it was a great big failure but failure is really feedback. It gives you feedback on what to do differently.


On work ethic:

If you believe in it, you have to be willing to put in the time to go through the lean times…It’s like what you hear, I’m an overnight success of ten years.

First of all, I think [entrepreneurs] quit too soon. They also expect everyone to come flocking to their website, their store. They don’t realize that there’s a lot of hard work and nurturing…There’s sacrifice involved…You have to keep going. You have to keep digging for gold in the same spot instead of moving because it’s not producing what you think it’s going to do.


On intentions:

When you build on that base, when you say ok number one I’m happy and number two I get to provide service for people and I get to make changes in peoples’ lives, then, I’m telling you, that if you stay at it, be consistent, and you overdeliver, the abundance will flow to you. It’s really crazy how it happens but it happens.


On being an entrepreneur:

If I were to just give away my products, it wouldn’t mean as much to people. People wouldn’t put as much value into it.

As a business owner, one of the things that has been the biggest intuitions I’ve followed is to always over deliver.

You have to use your common sense, you have to use your intuition, but you have to develop a business mind. You need to realize that this is your business and the people that are going to respect and put value on what you do, they’ll pay you for it.


On negativity:

Be prepared for people to give you negative comments. I’ve always loved the saying, when you get your first hater, that means you’ve arrived.


On difficult conversations:

I learned really quickly that if someone bailed on me with a last-minute cancellation or maybe they didn’t even call, I released them very quickly; it was almost immediate.


On growth:

Look at what you’re doing and [see] what you can do different – sometimes it might take one small tweak.

Constant learning can change the game for people.

Listen to people who have gone before you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


On support:

Surround yourself with people who are going to help you get new ideas. Find a new tribe of people that’s going to encourage you to keep going.

I have a couple of people in my circle…that I bounce things off of and I’m able to get it off my chest and get some advice.


On sustaining yourself:

You can’t just take supplements and expect to be healthy. You can’t just work out and expect to be healthy. So, it’s a real, holistic approach that I’ve always taken.

You have to be really strategic about how you spend your day.



Keep in touch with Jane Barlow:

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube @BarlowHerbal

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Jane Barlow Christensen, Jane’s personal Facebook page


Ego is the Enemy – by writer and strategist, Ryan Holiday.

Essentialism —The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by leadership and business consultant, Greg McKeown.

Joe Polish  — “marketing genius in Pheonix” and cofounder of

The Compound Effect — by publisher of Success magazine, Darren Hardy.

The Great Pain Deception — by health coach and lecturer Steven Ray Ozinach.