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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Jul 14, 2017


In this episode, I chat with Estrella Jaramillo, cofounder of Bwom, a website and customized phone app for managing women’s intimate health. Estrella discusses her journey to launch Bwom in the U.S., including what it’s like to live in five different cities across two continents in one year. Offered in both English and Spanish, Bwom is available to women all over the world. The newest version of this 2-year-old app was launched earlier this month. It includes a test, evaluation, extensive tracking tools, and articles to help women improve their intimate lives. The subscription-based part of the app also includes recommended exercises and new, daily content tailored to each woman’s needs.

Today, Estrella delves into the features and benefits of Bwom, including:

  • who needs kegel exercises (hint: nearly everyone),
  • the wondrous effects of achieving a toned pelvic floor,
  • the many free features of the app, and
  • the new, special sex plan that focuses exclusively on solo and partner-based sexual pleasure.



On her purpose:

Bwom is a digital tool for women’s health. We create a personalized care plan for them addressing their needs which they receive totally through their phones…We feel really strongly about helping women feel their best and feel comfortable in their skin and feel secure and comfortable with their sexuality. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

We are five cofounders and each of us has a different story but the main point is that we all felt very strongly that women’s’ needs in terms of intimate care were not being addressed by the healthcare system.


On failure:

Whenever circumstances get in the way or, for some reason, I can’t give something my all, then I get really frustrated with little failures because I knew that if I had more time or more headspace, I could have done better.

I do have to admit that I’m a little bit hard on myself, that’s something I’m working on through the practice of yoga and meditation which I really got into around the beginning of last year. It’s really helped. So now I have a more productive and constructive approach towards those little failures so that I can actually learn from them.

If the outcome is not perfect but I know that I gave it my 200%, I’m going to be happy because I’ll know that I can learn a lot and there’s something better coming.


On knowing your limits:

Just having that level of awareness about how your brain works and how you treat yourself when something doesn’t go the way you would have hoped for, I think, gives you a great power over taking control of it to some extent.

I stop, take a good yoga class, do some meditation, identify what was preventing me from giving it my all - if it was a time issue, if it was an energy issue, if it was a health issue - and try to address it. I definitely do a little stop and regroup.


On work ethic:

When the first founder first approached and told me her idea, I loved it immediately. It just matched. It just worked. We discovered that we had the same vision and ideals of what type of support women needed and were missing. We started working and collaborating little by little, step by step. 

You really need to love the solution that you’re putting out there to the market so much that you’re going to be willing to do what it takes to help it come to fruition and to be successful.


On intentions:

I’ve always felt very strongly about women’s empowerment and gender equality.


On difficult decisions:

Take a couple of hours, three hours, think things through, and then try to come up with that game plan to either close that specific project and move on to the next one...or see if I can do something to make things better.


On taking risks:

You have to analyze the information that you have, take the position possible, and then know that some of those decisions are not going to be the best ones, and then...see the results and reroute.

Don’t rush. Take time to ponder your idea or your business or [whatever] you’re thinking about launching that is going to require you to take a leap. Take it for a test drive. Try to think about, if I want to build this, what is the minimum viable product that I can build now, that I can test? I like risks. I like taking risks but I like taking very calculated risks.


On growth:

We listen to users.  We see what the questions we receive the most are and try to adjust through targeted product changes. We improve the design to make it even more user friendly.


On being an entrepreneur:

We identified an opportunity to do something bigger, to do something that addressed holistic women’s health and that would take into consideration every aspect of a woman’s life so we could really get a picture of her wellness...As time passed by, we were just all falling in love more and more with the whole idea to a point where I cannot really imagine myself right now doing anything else.

Take your time, let’s say 2-3 months, do a test run, do a small version of what you want to build, and see what happens…If your passion about it keeps increasing, then you’re good to go.


On her craziest action:

I just packed my whole life in Madrid after almost four years of living there, sent everything to my parents’ house, packed one suitcase, got in a plane, came to the U.S. without knowing anyone and not even knowing how to start a company again here because I was basically bringing Bwom overseas...It’s been fun. I’ve lived in 5 cities over the past 12 months - Madrid, Barcelona, LA, San Francisco, New York City.


On her perfect day:

On a holiday, a free day, perfect day- I would totally go to the beach. I love going to the sea and hearing the sounds, the waves, the fresh air.


On the importance of kegels:

Kegel exercises are very important when they’re needed.

The entire core plays a role in helping the pelvic floor hold your organs together and work properly, function properly.

If you properly do kegels regularly, you’re going to notice immediately that your sensations improve and that you’re more aware of the entire area.



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