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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Jul 27, 2017


In this episode, I chat with Miriam Kwietniewska aka Miriam K., CPO of Eat Mud and creator of Mud, delicious frozen treats that you can enjoy as ice cream or as mousse. Miriam shares about her life as a dual-citizen, dancing like no one is watching, and her entrepreneurial journey to creating Mud. Miriam has navigated stress-induced poor health and found wellness through trusting herself and listening to her body. We chat about the different experiences you can have with your body- how you can talk yourself into doubt, fear, and failure; how your body gets louder when you don’t listen and how terrible that can feel; and how now Miriam’s body is like a magnet for crazy energy (in a good way).

Today, Miriam dishes on:

  • why she talks to her body,
  • why people record her on the beach for a different reason,
  • why you’re amazing (yes, YOU), and
  • the symbolism of the name Mud.



On her purpose:


We named the product Mud, this four-ingredient ice cream, because it symbolizes something basic and earthy…this muck that we all go through. The story of the lotus in the mud is symbolic of who we are as a company.


We’re not just here to put out a product and make money off it, we’re here to help people be their best selves. We have this vision of helping people, nourishing people and their purpose…If you eat well and you eat good, you will nourish your purpose.



On discomfort/fear:


When you’re in a place of doubt, you’re in a place of static; you’re not moving forward…This gray area is where bad things grow.


Be who you are always. Don’t be afraid.



On failure:


The best thing to do when you feel like you’re tumbling out of control is to just unplug everything…sit with yourself and just be okay with what is right now. And say, I love you and I’m here for you no matter what and we’re going to get through this. Learn to talk to your body.



On her work:


Eighty percent of food in the supermarket has added sugar in it. And sugar is the worst of all additives in the food industry because it doesn’t only make food incredible delicious and addicting, but it also wreaks havoc on our health. It basically creates a toxic load in our body and everything slowly starts breaking down. [In] my quest for health, I had to cut sugar.


I’m not going to spend my whole life battling a giant, multi-billion-dollar food industry, because I’d just be sick and miserable. I’ve just been called to add something good in the food industry and talk about mindfulness and food, talk about how simple, almost, it is to eat good and feel good and not have to diet and just be your best self.



On intentions:


When things come my way and they feel right and they work, I say yes and I explore where that takes me.


[When] everyone in the room loves themselves, I think that’s what unites us and makes us pleasant to be around.



On perceptions:


The thing about diets is they don’t work unless you know yourself. Knowing yourself is the core of everything in life.



On trusting yourself:


Listen to those signals and allow them to lead you on your beautiful path.




On growth:


A lot of what I know now is from trial and error and from learning how individualistic each person is, yet, at the same time, we all thrive off real food, whole foods, and foods that grow.


My body is my number one teacher.



On mindfulness:


When mindfulness happened for me when I realized that my body is my teacher and no diet is going to be so personalized to me to kind of tell me what I’m feeling in the moment. That required me to start learning to sit still.



On being an entrepreneur:


I left [foster care] at the beginning of 2015 without any plans. I knew that this job just wasn’t for me. And I was open. Sam is an entrepreneur. And it just clicked…We would stay up till like 4 am every night just making business plans- flavors and website, cups and labels- we just went all in. And the universe conspired with us.


And nowhere along the way was I like, wait, is this the right decision? I just knew it was because I saw the signs around me that it was almost so effortless…I felt so excited. I felt so inspired. And I was like, yes, I want to share this with people because it’s an amazing thing, it’s helping them cut sugar from their lives which is great. There you go. We started the company in 2015 and we’ve been at it ever since.



On healing:


They say your body is your temple. And, whether you’re religious or not, it’s still a place where you carry yourself. I focus on sending it positivity and light and imagining every little cell just bursting with light; it helps me feel like, no matter what happens around me, what’s in my water, what’s in my air, what’s in my food, I feel like I can still nourish myself through my mind’s eye and paying attention to my beautiful body.


Love yourself no matter what. That’s really at the core of why I’m here. Self-love is the beginning of everything. Some people call me selfish. It does seem selfish if you say, well Miriam puts herself first, Miriam focuses on how she feels all the time. But if I start with myself and I start my day in a way where I feel great and I feel excited and I feel like I can do what I set out to do, I’m in a much better position to help others and I’m in a much better position to be of service.


When you touch yourself with love and just allow yourself to soothe yourself, you are doing more healing than any doctor can, than any outside force can.


On dance:


When I move and I’m in my body, I feel like I reap the same benefits as I do in meditation.


Dance is something that people are scared of because it kind of implies being seen. Why are we afraid to be seen by others when we’re happy?


I’ve actually been blessed enough to see people just moving in ways that I can see that they’re not holding anything back and that’s the real, raw stuff in life. And that’s what I want around me, that’s what I want to do, and I want to help people bring that out.


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