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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Aug 7, 2017

In this episode, I chat with Beth Weinstein, business coach for heart-centered entrepreneurs and conscious creators who’s on a mission to transform the world we live in. Beth is also the founder of Only Atoms, an athletic apparel business. From her comfy, cabin retreat, we talk about how she combined her love for running and her background in fashion to create her clothing line and added on to that success with her other mission to help. Laced with specific client examples, Beth gives us an in-depth look at how she’s helped others redirect their entrepreneurial path. We chat about her childhood in San Francisco, playing the game “City” instead of “House,” and how the theme of entrepreneurship has appeared throughout her life experiences.

Today, Beth dishes on:

  • how her path has deviated from the typical American, consumerist society,
  • why it’s important to be comfortable with discomfort,
  • how trauma can change our trajectory, and
  • how to not spend any more money on mistakes.



On her purpose:

I thought my sole purpose was to share the gift of running with the planet which it still is...but then I started getting these deeper messages about how I can serve this planet on a much more impactful level, on a wider level.

I have these gifts that a lot of creative people don’t have. So, I’m like, here I am to balance you out. _____________________________________________________________________

On discomfort/fear:

I dreamed about my running clothing eight years before I launched it. It kills me to look back.

When I launched my running apparel business, I literally argued with my marketing advisor. I wanted to launch the brand completely anonymous, didn’t want my name on anything and he was like, you have to share your story, that’s what people are going to resonate with. You have to own it.

There’s really no need to suffer doing work that you hate and being miserable like I used to be, drinking a bottle of wine to survive and just being a mega-bitch all the time. It’s not a sustainable life. My deeper mission is really to help the world wake up to this – which, thank God is happening around us – to help people step out of the fear and into who they really are and what they’re here to do and live a really great life they love doing work they love and making some good money doing it, which is completely possible.



On crisis/transition:


I think the best thing we can do as humans is to start working on our mindset, shifting our mindset, wake up to realize what are we doing here. What would happen if robots took over our jobs? Well, it is [happening]. It’s not such a bad thing; it’s something that we need to start working on now.

It’s almost like, we have to go so low or face our deepest, darkest shadows sometimes to wake up and realize why we really are here on this planet. Sometimes it takes huge crises, like losing everything…to transition. Why do we have to wait for major crises to start listening to your heart?

I always feel a sense of urgency. Not in a hysterical way, but in a why wait way. The world could be so much better in the next minute. Why wait a minute even? The person who’s suffering could feel joyful instead.


On taking action:

The time is now to get your gift out to the world. The world is waiting for it.


On intentions:

It’s not about you making money necessarily. It’s about you reaching the world that’s looking for it. People are starting to wake up and look for your answers to their questions. And if you’re a woman who’s leading moon circles or a women’s empowerment group, there’s women on the other side of the planet that are out there googling for it, and they need to find your answers. You can speak to women all over the world and actually help shift this planet in a huge way. That’s what I’m dedicated to. _____________________________________________________________________

On running/being moved:

Running is free. I do think it’s like this amazing fitness regime. It can bring so much joy and meditation and awakening to people’s lives.

I started having this idea of a better running apparel line, kind of more hip and cool and less mass-made because every brand that existed at the time was mass-made.…I knew there was a better way and I knew there was a way to make something that fit people like me, women like me.


On support:

I’ve always had coaches. Everyone needs help. It’s part of human existence.

You have to learn from someone who knows what they’re doing. That was the first piece of advice I was taught many years ago in business. Go talk to someone who’s done it before and learn from them.


On being an entrepreneur:

The most common [issue is] misinformation. A lot of my clients come to me winging it on their own. People are doing things out of order and they’re doing it very blindly.

I try to take this approach of coaching and consulting at the same time. A lot of coaches out there don’t touch on real, tangible business items like, know your analytics, know where your actual customers are coming from, know your return on investment. Let’s say you’re posting on Facebook all day. How many sales are you actually getting from that?


On growth:

I really took every job move and every experience as a growth and learning experience because I knew one day it would pay off in some way. 

In order to grow in the world and get your message heard in a bigger way and get out there and impact in a bigger way, you need to be supported financially.


On sustainability:

It’s ok to get paid doing something that you truly feel in your heart that you’re here to do. _____________________________________________________________________

On perceptions:

Along with my clients, I pretty much had to unlearn everything and relearn a different way of living. It’s more magical than I could ever think of. It’s been amazing. Life flows completely different and that’s what I work with my clients to produce. _____________________________________________________________________

Keep in touch with Beth Weinstein:

Websites – business coaching for current and aspiring entrepreneurs – men’s and women’s running clothing designed in Brooklyn and made in NYC

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