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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Aug 31, 2017


In this episode, I chat with Coach Carmina, facilitator of The Camera Ready Experience. It’s a masterful and beautiful workshop that helps people helping people tap into their authentic selves and connect to their story to get their message across to their audience. And, from what I’ve observed, it’s a transformational experience that’s like a soul excavation. Carmina reflects on her life and work experiences that led her to this moment and the leaps of faith that have helped her along the way. We also share some moments on philanthropy and valuing ourselves while not eating beans every day.

Today, Carmina sheds light on:

  • how she was inspired by the devotion and humble service of nuns,
  • how she stopped equating service and poverty,
  • why she won’t ever stop training,
  • why she has a favorite quote about fear (and what it is), and
  • how people can smell your mask from miles away.



On her purpose:

Everyone has an inspirational story that can really change someone’s life but not everybody has the courage to share it or the tools to communicate in such a way that it’s received and digested easily. So we coach people on how to be effective communicators, how to share vulnerably and still hold their power, and how to be freely expressed.

This is our lifelong purpose, to mix our two passions – television, entertainment, freedom of expression and supporting people’s minds, getting people out of belief that block them. So mixing those two we created a sauce that is delicious.

Our goal is to change the world and so we’re changing the world through people sharing their story authentically.


On her work:

My partner and I, Quddus and I, are media coaches and facilitators. We coach and facilitate workshops in a year-long program. The workshop is called The Camera Ready Experience. What we facilitate is people working through their fears or anything that’s blocking them and their authentic expression of their story.

We curate the room such that it’s all people that are powerful, that are influencing already, that are already being change-makers in the world, and that are focused out and givers.

[People] can expect at the end of the workshop to come out wanting to finally create and put out projects that they’ve probably been holding onto their whole lives and a new motivation and a new drive and fire for changing the world, for putting themselves out there, and for owning their greatness.


On discomfort/fear:

When I have something inside of me that wants to be expressed and I don’t honor that, it can start hurting spiritually and even physically- it feels almost like you’re constipated.

As far as taking a risk and being on camera sharing your heart, sharing vulnerably and intimately can bring up a lot of fear and it can feel like you’re jumping into the unknown.

So when they’re feeling that fear - right before they’re about to get on stage and get behind that mic and that fear comes and takes over the whole body – to remember in that moment that “I’m going to have the courage to open up my heart so that every single person in this room can open up theirs and heal their wounds.”


On failure:

It’s really difficult for me to see things as mistakes.

Even if the audience isn’t receiving it the way you expected them to receive, you at least feel good because you shared your truth. _____________________________________________________________________

On support:

Without coaching, without preparation, without someone really taking us under their wing…I would try to play a role or be someone that I am not just so I could do the job perfectly and not get fired. It didn’t feel good for me to be inauthentic on camera.


On taking ownership:

We know deep in our hearts when something really, really lights us up. Jump. What you’re telling the universe, God, whatever you believe in when you jump is: I trust. When you take that risk, everything starts happening in your favor.


On work ethic:

So finally, within the transformation that happened in my life in the past 4-5 years, I have really come to ownership with the value that I provide. And I’m also very clear that the more abundance I create in my life, the more I am able to transform the world and reach more people…I don’t believe in being a martyr and being like, I’m going to change the world and I’m only going to eat beans every day – no.


On resources:

We use a lot of different experiential techniques and exercises to open people up and to be fully expressed. 


On intentions:

Number one, no matter how many people have done what you want to do already before you, there’s no one like you and there’s no one that’s going to deliver the message like you’re going to deliver it. So, no matter what, you will be successful because you are unique.

We want everybody to feel empowered to inspire people.

My commitment is definitely to inject champagne bubbles into people’s lives. _____________________________________________________________________

On growth:

(Advice to others) To trust and to really hold themselves in such a way that they know they’re safe no matter what when they open up their heart. And that when they do open up their heart, every single person in [the audience] is going to then have permission to open up their hearts so they are the example.


Keep in touch with Coach Carmina:

Website – helping people reach the state of being fully expressed, confident, and prepared to impact the world

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Facebook and Instagram  @camerareadynow

Facebook and Instagram @coachcarmina

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