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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Jun 28, 2017


In this episode, I chat with priestess, mentor, and creator of, Marin Bach-Antonson. Marin is passionate about sisterhood. She connects women to the divine feminine via women’s circles, private coaching, and the Priestess Rising Initiation program, her signature feminine leadership program that launches this September. Marin is open about her journey, her calling, and the insights she’s made along the way.

Today, Marin shares:

  • how our deeply encoded beliefs affect our daily lives,
  • the ways in which the heart is the motherboard of our bodies,
  • how we perceive masculine and feminine energy,
  • how the right thing can make your heart sing, and
  • a blessing every woman can listen to and receive today.



On her purpose:

I am the creator and the director of the Priestess Rising Initiation Program which is a sacred leadership program for women who are feeling the call to break out of the mundane, everyday life that they lead where they feel like they’re small, and they’re ready to live out loud on purpose and as the truth of who they are.

The work that I do is all about helping women to uncoil the deepest levels of their conditioning so that they can be free, so that they can find the authenticity of who they truly are without all of the burden of these negative beliefs and these limitations.

To come together to really free ourselves of these deepest beliefs, that’s the crux of my work and it’s one of the reasons why I’m calling together women for this level of the Priestess Rising Initiation program, for this level of leadership.


On her process:

I do deep belief relief work with women. I do soulful mentoring. And, at the crux of it, what I really help women do is identify the top beliefs that are running their lives, to reimprint those beliefs, and to activate what I call their soul blueprint.


On discomfort/fear:

I really have learned how much our pain sometimes is in direct relationship to our purpose.

We are so conditioned to believe that we constantly have to be living at a particular, successful, outward level that anything beyond that can feel uncomfortable.

One of the main shifts that women make when they’re on the path of the sacred feminine, is we relearn…to get out of the head and back into the body and into the heart.


On failure:

I needed to give myself space to feel my heart again, to feel what passion was living in my womb, in my heart. And I had to do that inner work, to really dance with my shadow for a little while, and dance with the fact that I felt like a failure, and allow that to be what is was rather than try to push against it and make it go away.


On intentions:

We are here to evolve. We are here to grow. And we are constantly like a snake coming out of our snakeskin and rebirthing ourselves. You know that you are on the right path if that is happening for you.

Create a space of exquisite gentleness and tenderness with yourself.


On perceptions:

There’s one belief that is so common and is so rampant in our culture, particularly among women, and that is the belief “I am not enough.”

The feminine is awakening right now. And she’s awakening in the consciousness of women.


On the feminine:

Coming together in circles, connecting with the sacred realms, tuning into our deepest intuition, really listening to the truth of our body, our blood, our bones, our womb voices, this is what connects us to the truth of the feminine because she is powerful.

I know it sounds trite but truly, the feminine is the essence of love. And love heals greatly.


On masculine and feminine energy:

Masculine energy is very directive. Masculine energy is logical, it’s action-oriented it’s precise. If it was a symbol, it would be an arrow.  Feminine energy is receptive, it’s collaborative, it’s soft, it’s juicy, it’s flowing, it’s creative, it’s the labyrinth instead of the straight line. And if you were to think of it in a symbol, it is more like a cup or a bowl.

In order for us to truly access the highest level of our divinity and our sovereignty, we need to have a balance of masculine and feminine energy within us.


On feminine leadership:

Feminine leadership is not about doing, it’s actually about being. And this level of feminine leadership – to be in our authenticity, to unleash our voice of truth, to live from our heart, to be love in action – that is the level of woman that I’m calling into the Priestess Rising Initiation program.

When we are standing in true feminine leadership, the work will birth out of our passion, out of an alignment with our purpose, and out of the deepest recesses of our heart and our womb, and it will be unstoppable.


On finding your purpose:

First and foremost, if we can just choose, over and over again, to be love in action – as many times a day, in how we speak, in how we interact, in how we respond, in how we show up, in what we write -- we are changing the world one moment at a time simply in the presence of our own energy field and that is incredible.


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