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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Nov 1, 2019

Join the NEW PODCAST Mentor In The Mirror with featuring my husband Tah and I 

Speaking Your Body's Language Series

Tah and Kole Whitty are supporting the new wave of human evolution for high performance entrepreneurs who are nearing or are only inches away from hitting an energetic or physiological brick wall. 

If you can feel the energy depleting, weird symptoms arising and know that your body is trying to tell you something, we invite you to join us in the mirror to start translating the unique language your body is speaking.

If you love Rob Dial, Krisstina Wise, Hal Elrod, Mike Dillard, Aubrey Marcus, Tim Ferris, power plants, bio hacking, epic trips and next level transformational experiences,  Mentor In The Mirror will massage your pre-frontal cortex.

Breaking through glass ceilings, attending live events, pushing for progress, week long retreats YOU have been doing the work for YOU for quite awhile.

You may have noticed the tools you used before are not working like they used to, it's time to dig deeper into the body's intelligence.

You have a mission and your global impact is resting on your nervous system.

Is your body the conduit...

or the brick wall?

Tah and Kole Whitty bring somatic awareness, 25 years of emergency medicine, 17 years in Andean power plant traditions, epic personal journeys, plus 19 years in health and fitness to guide you deeper into the questions that your body is dying to answer.

You don't need another guru.

Your Mentor Is In The Mirror.