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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Dec 18, 2018

Kayla Yoder gave birth to her son in the bathtub of her home in New Hampshire in 2015. It was the most extraordinary and transformational experiences of her life. In 2016, just a few months after giving birth she unexpectedly became a single mother. Feeling scared and alone, and deeply in love with her new baby, she had no choice but to find a way to live her purpose, support herself, and be an amazing mom. She discovered first hand that mother and child could truly flourish together. As a result of much inner healing, her son's father and her have created a glorious relationship, and have set out to empower mothers to end self-sacrifice and make their dreams come true, for the good of the whole family. 

She has encountered many difficult life situations and circumstances that have helped define her and transform her into the person she is today. Through grieving the sudden death of loved ones, her parents’ divorce, recovering from 7 years of adolescent drug abuse and single motherhood she has discovered her life purpose to help mothers step fully into their birth right of extraordinary health, power, and abundance. 

We dig into:

1)The new relationship she formed between myself & my body 

2) grief - how loss can bring about such a renewed relationship to one's life in body, mind & spirit

3) meaning - how grief honors what is meaningful to us in life, and that no matter how "small" the loss is (like the jewelry or tea), meaning is what makes life worth living

4) rebirth - what "rebirth" is, how it is experienced, what it requires of us, and the gifts it brings us 

5) bliss - what it means to follow your bliss & pleasure, why this is an essential step to finding your soul purpose, and what keeps us from bliss