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Warrior Women With A Purpose

May 22, 2019

Michele Collins may look more like a beauty-pageant winner than the stereotypical down-and-out story. High-school dropout with a learning disorder, teenage mom, widowed, and tumbling into a life of drugs, drinking, and depression, she had her moment of clarity when she stopped asking why her life was so traumatic and realized her experiences help others see that they can overcome tragedy and live an incredible life.

She doesn’t dwell on the dark details – only the light she was able to grasp as she traded dancing for tips for record-breaking sales numbers in a few male dominated industries. She combines her corporate and real-life experiences in a touching, relatable way this is funny, inspiring, and entertaining. Her favorite question is: Why be like everyone else when you aren’t? A Jeanne Robertson “Comedy with Class” finalist and award-winning speaker, Michele captivates and entertains audiences ranging from those in the C-suite to juvenile detainees with her humorous words of hope, motivation, and direction.

We chat about

  • Key events that helped turn her life around
  • How your life lessons will help you
  • Not giving up when it's tough
  • Staying motivated
  •  "Punked Purpose" her Inspirational/Comedy