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Warrior Women With A Purpose

May 27, 2019

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As the creator of Love Your Body Love Yourself, Marla Mervis-Hartmann assists women in finding a “YES!” to that question. After years of struggling with her own dysfunctional body-relationship, Marla has transformed her experiences into services to help women discover honor and find appreciation for their bodies. As a professional Marla, has been featured at TEDx Salinas. She was the leading body image expert and Reiki Master at Journey Malibu, a Drug/Alcohol rehabilitation center. Marla has followed her passion for women’s health down many paths of study including women’s sexual wellness; postpartum care; Restore Your Core educator; Tantra teacher certification; Yoga teacher training, and massage therapy. This collected body of knowledge shines through in her offerings of Love Your Body Love Yourself. In all of her work, Marla is devoted to empowering women to feel good about themselves and to live the life they desire. She lives in LA with her husband and son where she works full-time as a professional coach, speaker, facilitator and Living Light Reiki Master, and Teacher.

We talk all about:

  • Have freedom with food and body confidence
  • Why negative self-talk is a BIG DEAL and why we need to change this behavior
  • How society has encouraged this negative behavior and how to take our power back.
  • How negative body image prevent us from creating life and impact we are desiring
  • How Body Confidence and acceptance can help you live a thriving life.- better relationships, enhanced work life, and better health.