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Warrior Women With A Purpose

May 29, 2019

Kris Embrey has had a love of music since she can remember. She studied music engineering and worked for Dick Clark as a runner for his music production company. She was also the Operations Director of a major advertising agency in Los Angeles. Her professional career has included working for various television productions such as the American Music Awards and the Academy Awards and she currently works for an Executive Producer for a well known T.V. program. Embrey has authored 4 books; 2 fiction and 2 non-fiction and devotes her spare time doing lectures on high-level soul connections and Twin Flames.

We chat more about:

  • Hollywood has done countless movies on the subject of manifestation. The Matrix is one example.
  • Author Kris Embrey found herself living within a real life matrix in April of 2016, after her first book was released.
  • Synchronicity and what it is
  • Soul Connections and what they are
  • What is a Chiron return, and how it impacts our life
  • Will explain to people how to find this in their birth charts
  • Some people equate a mid-life crisis for a Chiron return that happens at the age between 49-52 What lessons can be learned from this planetary transit