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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Jun 18, 2019

Amy Fulmer was born and raised on the East Coast, and grew up in Connecticut. Ms. Fulmer made her way to Los Angeles to attend The University of Southern California where she graduated from the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. An entrepreneur her whole life; she is currently the Director of Recruitment for Futuretech Staffing whereby she has been overseeing all operations for 18 years. As a result of Ms. Fulmer’s success, she was featured on a television interview by William Shatner on his program “Moving America Forward.” This interview highlights Ms. Fulmer and Futuretech Staffing as one of America’s top small boutique staffing agencies. Amy’s son had multiple health and mental health issues that resulted in his loss of life at 19. As a means of healing through this tragic, long road ahead, Ms. Fulmer has authored a book aimed at parents and non-parents across the globe who cope with grief daily. Her book will usher in a new era for parents and all people who are looking for hard answers in the face of deep loss of loved ones. From her experiences raising her son and the authoring of her book, she was invited to be a guest speaker at the Graduate Program of USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. There Amy was a featured graduate student speaker, where she introduced to the students her notion that the current conversation surrounding addiction and death must be changed. In these lectures, she instructed the students with real life answers to real life problems facing mental health, addiction and death. Her work is now being followed in close to 50 countries by parents, families and communities. Aside from raising her son, her writings and teachings are her proudest accomplishment!

Her Book Don't Trip Potato Chip: