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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Nov 23, 2018

My husband and i spoke at a sold out event Saturday in Austin and we have been getting calls from all over the country from people who heard about our presentation.

We spoke about something we identify and have coined as “Multi Construct Strain”

We broke down:
-how your parents beliefs, or the environment you were raised in, may be impacting your health

-humans are influenced by a great many constructs that affect how we function and perform in our day to day lives. Family, religion, community, even sports are constructs that impact how you experience your BODY.

-how you are physically affected by the constructs you are participating in can help you reframe how you want to function and show up in all aspects of your life.

💫Take away?

Everything you desire is here waiting for you. The first step is to recognize which constructs are causing physical dis-ease and what needs to be done to align you authentically.

When you are scattered by multiple constructs it can cause a severe strain on you, especially when you don't feel personally connected to the structure(s) of the construct(s) (or what your parents, friends, bosses think). It can cause you to feel out of touch, immobile and can impair your ability to be in the flow with ease.

We ended with a shocking surprise...

Not a dry eye in the house.

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