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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Feb 14, 2019

Kellita Maloof is a Performing Artist, Coach, Mentor and “Burlesque Therapist.” For over 20 years, she’s performed, designed and curated shows that help women revel in their bodies, reveal their radiant essences, and receive what they desire, from San Francisco to New Orleans, Hollywood to Montreal, and Paris to Tokyo. Through her Showgirl Awakening programs, Kellita helps kind, smart, soulful, sensitive women who’ve been over-editing, over-managing and over-giving to trust and express themselves with confidence, presence, and personal radiance. 

We chat about:

  • performing burlesque can help earn secure attachment
  • burlesque at it's best can make the soul + spirit visible via the body
  • how the 9 Showgirl Archetypes are a barometer for tracking our authentic radiance + how the 6 Core Showgirl movements help us foster just this variety of radiance
  • the fundamental, most tricky part of being human is our simultaneous desire for authentic expression + our need to belong (and conscious burlesque can help negotiate this conundrum)
  • the same elements that go into creating a satisfying burlesque act, can create a satisfying life

Her new program

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