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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Feb 20, 2019

Levina is the co-creator of A Sex Journal for Couples, a simple tool for extraordinary sex. After keeping a sex journal with her partner for a year, Levina made it her mission to create spaces and spark conversations that transform our relationship to sex and intimacy.


We chat all about:

  • How her partner and her partner kept a sex journal for a year, and how transformed their lives 
  • Why having great sex is not about the sex itself
  • When we let go of "knowing," we create room to discover something new - whether that's about ourselves, our partners, or others around us
  • She is NOT not a sex guru!  She is 1/2 of an everyday couple, and her approach to keeping love alive is a little bit of investment, energy, and attention every day.
  • Sex is such a joyous, human act - and yet, we've buried it under shame for so long. What she did isn't innovative - she started having regular conversations about her sex life with the person she having sex with!

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