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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Feb 28, 2019

Nina Dafe mentors heart-centred; visionary Christian women who want to banish the blocks keeping them from crushing their business goals once and for all. She is also a blogger and talk show host- having interviewed Christian women of influence such as Mercy Balogun, Tabitha Brown and Stacii Jae Johnson.

In addition to that, Nina draws on her special interest in feminism, womanism and female empowerment to dismantle the mindsets that keep women from enjoying the same opportunities and human rights as their male counterparts from a Biblical perspective. As such, her writing has been featured on multiple platforms including Thrive Global, TEDx, HuffPost, She Leads Africa, Bustle, Relevant Magazine and Radiant Health Magazine.

We chat all about:

  • We traditionally teach people that if they want to find their purpose they should follow their passions/do something they love.
  • How passion can work in reverse
  • Sisterhood and online community; business/mindset coaching and more!) How to free yourself of toxic belief systems and live a life of freedom
  • Why it's important to share our stories
  • The importance of sisterhood for overcoming trauma; thriving in life and business

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