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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Aug 1, 2018

Elaine Gardner is a holistic health expert and clinical nutritionist providing inspiration, knowledge, and resources for adopting a holistic lifestyle to increase and protect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Her goal in her work is to inspire Americans to prioritize their health and improve their self-care choices. 

Since 2004, Elaine has helped hundreds of clients in her private clinical nutrition practice eradicate PMS, menopause discomfort, mood challenges, digestive upset, fertility issues, and immune challenges as well as adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain their successes. 

Today we talk about:

  • Every aspect of our lives depends on our health. You can have everything you desire, but if you don't prioritize your health, you can lose it all in a heartbeat. 
  • Many of the health challenges people face today are preventable. A truly healthy lifestyle is not easy to achieve as there are hidden dangers all around us. Personal care products, household cleaning products and food are loaded with toxins that contribute to health problems. 
  • The U. S. food supply is a hidden mine field and many people are unknowingly undermining their health with hidden dangers in their food. 
  • Stress and overwhelm can undo any and all efforts to be healthy. 
  • Knowledge, effort and commitment are essential and learning from someone who has already done the work can dramatically shorten the learning and implementation curve.

 Her New Program