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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Sep 12, 2018

After Hailey Wiseman earned her BA & MA in Psychology she married her knowledge, intuition, personal and professional experience to create a restorative practice centered on Divine Self-Love. She also began teaching Meditation Classes, became a student in the Course In Miracles & later became a Certified Pilates Instructor. Over the span of 30 years she has become an expert on Self-Love.

We talk about:

  • What is self love why is it a hot topic
  • The benefits of self-love
  • Her addiction and personal story
  • Three most powerful ways to self love & why these
  • Example of how self-love is transformational (client case-study)
  • What could one do right now to begin their transformational journey

She has honed her craft and married it with the Spiritual Mindset Practice of A Course In Miracles to create a powerful online retreat for the soul program designed to uncover your core limiting belief, heal the past and bring your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul back into present alignment so you may create and attract divine inner-peace, love & joy.

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